LitRPG author of Elysium Falls, first installment in the Loopkeeper trilogy, as well as ongoing web serial The Player Slayers.

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Book 1: Elysium Falls

"We know how it ends. We know how we die. And then the Loop begins anew."

On the thirteenth day of Harvest, a mysterious woman enters Haven’s house of government and unleashes a devastation unlike anything this world has seen before. Reluctant hero, Sham, is caught in the blast—and is thrown back in time armed with a Legendary new skill.

Now, he has just nine days to find this would-be terrorist before she can destroy the city of Haven and take countless lives in the process.

But an investigation like this is never so simple. Dark cabals sell black market skill vials in the shadows. A strange new church pulls zealots from all walks of life. Trained operatives pursue Haven’s future saviour.

And the voices in Sham’s head are getting louder.