About The Author

Who is O.S. Marrow?

O.S. Marrow is in trouble—his back hurts, his knees are stiff, and he doesn't quite like how thin his hairline is getting. But that's just how it goes, isn't it?

When he's not complaining about one of life's many minor tribulations, he's writing LitRPG, inspired by the many games he's played between the years of his faded youth and today. His favourites include Satisfactory, Disco Elysium, and of course also the only perfect game ever made, James Bond 007: Nightfire.

O.S. loves reading, too, and his list of read books is dwarfed only by his list of "to be reads"—a list that is only growing as days go by and more and more recommendations appear in his inbox.

He lives in London, UK, where he spends half the time complaining about the weather and the other half telling people his city isn't quite as dreary as they think. From his desk at a window overlooking south London, he watches the world go by and dreams his stories.